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Great Walk for Juvenile Diabetes Research!

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Last Day of Challenge

DAY TEN- MAY 21st Adults and Kids- do a 30 minute Bag then smile for 30 seconds because you have completed the challenge!!!!!!!

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Body Mass index VS. Body Composition


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Standards to live by-BE the example!

DAY SIX- MAY 17th Adults and kids-go for a bike ride/walk. and give 3 people a compliment today.

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Be THE example for your kids!

What kind of example will you set for your kids? Look for daily challenges on Workout in a Bag for Kids! FB page

“Do the Bag!”

Workout in a Bag for Kids
Challenge of the day!!

DAY FIVE- MAY 16th Adults-Park in the farthest parking spaces available. Kids-do a 20 minute bag .

“Do the Bag!”

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15% of every paid download of Workout in a bag for kids! from June1st-August 31st will go to Rochester Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!



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iTouch/ music setting

If you are using “Workout in a Bag for Kids!” on the iTouch make sure you have the music setting turned off for now.  We are working on a problem with getting kicked out of the APP because of memory.  Look for an update in the next week .  Thanks!


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